Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Tortoise and the Hare!

There have not been many updates on the blog or the development mailing list lately because I have been trying to find solutions (or at least workarounds) for some fundamental problems such as getting Speech-Dispatcher and Alsa to work with multi-channel sounds, getting LinuxSpeaks to integrate into the system without causing any problems and trying to get all of the accessibility features to fit on a 700MB CD without removing too many applications. This has been frustrating enough, but on top of this I had a serious neck injury last week which means I have been unable to spend very much time at a computer. On the other hand I have managed to solve the username/password problem, installed and configured YASR and managed to fit a few more useful console based applications onto the CD. I think I will realistically have to leave Speech-Dispatcher, Speakup and LinuxSpeaks until a later version and just get out a new release with some small but significant improvements rather than be over ambitious and release something with more advanced features that may or may not work. I am obviously more of a tortoise than a hare!