Monday, 19 January 2009

New Features in Vinux 1.3!

Here is a list of new features I hope to be able to incorporate in the first release under the new Vinux name: The Username and Password entered during the install process will be retained, the USB Creator application will work with the customised live CD by default, the YASR console screen-reader will be installed allowing users to run without a GUI, the LinuxSpeaks complete audio desktop will be available and a whole host of accessible console based applications including lynx, urlview, joe, mc, oleo, mutt, vlock, partimage, alpine, irssi, mpg123 etc...

I am also trying to configure Speech-Dispatcher with Alsa, Emacspeak, the Linux Screen Reader, Speakup, Screader, Festival and as many other accessibility applications as I can find, but unfortunately I have not been able to get these working satisfactorily yet with Intrepid!

The cost of including these extra accessibility packages is that I have to exclude some standard packages in order to fit them on the CD. I have already stripped Ubuntu down about as far as I can without causing any significant problems, but Open Office is now the only thing left I can safely remove! So the choice is this - do I remove everything I can and provide a bare bones system with all of the accessibility packages ( I suppose I could include a script to reinstall everything I have removed once installed) or do I leave Ubuntu as it is and just add on all of the accessibility applications creating a large iso (possibly up to 1.4Gb) that would have to be burned onto a DVD. This is a problem I am still wrestling with, I may well end up making two different versions one for CD and one for DVD!