Wednesday, 16 July 2014

An update and an introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Kaz and I'm one of the sighted members of the Vinux team. Some of you may have read my personal blog, Daisy Scented Dreams, and in particular this post in which I discuss suggested etiquette when interacting with the vision impaired members of society. I have been involved in Vinux documentation over the last year as my partner, Rob, is the project manager. I have also designed the new Vinux logo which will be used on the next release and I'm very excited about this.

And now a word from Rob to fill you in on where things stand with the Vinux project...

"Developing for accessibility on Linux is a very difficult skill set to 
find, if you know of anyone who could help or yourself please get in 
touch with us. Give friends Vinux CD's, blog and post to social network about us, help 
us provide media such as videos or audio walkthroughs about what you 
love about Vinux or your favourite applications.
For people wanting to get involved with testing Vinux images first they 
must subscribe to the mailing list and introduce themselves to Bill 
Taylor our testing team leader.

Vinux 5 is still under debvelopment and has a way to go. We do not want to rush a release 
before all issues are addressed and all bugs ironed out.
A very common question is "What will be new with Vinux 5?" 

To start off we have Orca 3.12, Espeak 1.4.8 and hopefully a great suite 
of packages that Vinux members have come to rely on from our releases.

The development stage for Vinux 5 started very early this cycle, 
probably December/January, with some packages being rebuilt from Vinux 4 
and others being upgraded and reviewed."
Please remember that Vinux very much belongs to the community. It is run on a
 completely volunteer basis and could not exist without community support. If you 
feel you can contribute in any way, get in touch with Rob at and 
offer your support.
Thanks for reading, and we will keep you updated as the development moves along.