Sunday, 1 March 2009

New Boot Options and Languages!

The next stage in the development of Vinux, will not to be to add any new applications, but to add some new boot options such as a three beeps when the boot prompt is ready, a text-only mode, support for serial Braille displays as well as a few new versions in the most common European languages such as Spanish, French and German of the current 1.31 version. These will most probably be released as 1.32. However, while I am able to make foreign language versions I am unable to test them properly other than make sure they boot and start speaking because I can only just about manage read and write English properly. So I am going to need native speakers of these languages to thoroughly test them out. If you would like to test them or know someone who might be able to help please get in touch. I think I have colleagues at work who can probably test the French and German language versions (but not the Braille). The next significant release will be version 2.0 which will hopefully be based on Ubuntu 9.04 presuming there are not any serious accessibility issues with it, otherwise I might have to stick with 8.10 for a little longer.